About us

About us

The parent company Alpha Construction AG, founded in Switzerland in 2007, is responsible for developing the PSC product. The main focus of this company is long-term consulting and advisory services in the field of foreign trade and asset management. The company expanded to the EU markets in 2009. In February 2011, the company moved from Baar to the nearby town of Zug. In the same year in May, Alpha Construction AG acquired a 100% share in RIVER POWER s.r.o, based in Ostrava. This company was established in 1994.

Aktuálně se jak společnost, Alpha Construction AG, tak RIVER POWER s.r.o. výhradně Currently, both Alpha Construction AG and RIVER POWER s.r.o. exclusively devoted to business activities and the development of Power Smart Coat (PScoat), with Alpha Construction AG targeting non-EU markets and River Power s.r.o. is, aimed at markets within the EU.

We have long and close cooperation with researchers and experts in innovative technologies dealing with the protection and refinement of surfaces, ensuring work safety and improving the economic impact of manufacturing, industrial and construction processes with an emphasis on ecology and long- term sustainable development.

Our goal

Our goal is to introduce new thermo - insulation technology with unique properties on the basis of an innovative combination of microspheres, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The goal of our PSCoat brand is quality and unique features coupled with gentle access to the environment and the protection of human health.

Our products are being developed, tested and applied since the end of 2013. Thanks to its unique properties on the principle of nanotechnology, PSCoat has a wide range of uses and is certified. The production plant of PSCoat is currently in Poland at Woli Batorske, near to Kraków.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for an efficient and innovative solution for condensation, temperature, operation, waterproofing or corrosion. Nanotechnology PSCoat enables wide-spectrum of use in production, end-users, but also in heavy industry or building industry. We systematically work to further developmnet of our products so that we are able to provide you with the optimal solution to your particular requirement.



On this list you will find a list of companies and individuals, including collaborating entities, that do not have and will not have access to PScoat technologies and products in the future:


  • ALPHA Czech s.r.o., ID: 01644203
  • X HAUS stavby a.s., ID: 03649997
  • SWISS consulting s.r.o., ID: 08257647
  • FN – NANO s.r.o., ID: 05079233
  • ALPHA nano s.r.o., ID: 08660328
  • ALPHA CZECH construction s.r.o., ID: 29011094
  • ALPHA CZECH TRADE s.r.o., ID: 09747648
  • ALPHA CZECH SECURITY s.r.o., ID: 09744495
  • PF ALPHA s.r.o., ID: 08616396
  • Dobry uklid s.r.o.


  • Pavel Izaj
  • Jakub Pyšný
  • Petr Vavrda




Cup of the President of the city - Bielska-Biała for the best innovative product of the construction fair 2020. Bronze Pillar of construction for an best innovative product in Poland 2020

Petr Kouril

Petr Kouril

Master of the Czech Republic in aerobatics recommends PScoat.


4ECO main sponsor of ŁOMŻA VIVE KIELCE
(2x UEFA champion and 18x Polish handball champion)
Recommends PScoat products


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