How to apply PScoat?

  • PSC can be tinted according to the RAL sampler /sampler will be sent on request /. Dark shades are not recommended.
  • PočetThe number of layers of PSC applications is individual and is always solved for a particular case with respect to the specific result requirement.
  • A smooth or slightly grainy surface can be achieved depending on the type of machine /nozzle and pressure/
  • For PScoat application it is recommended to use GRACO MARK V - VII - X, GRACO RTX 5500 machines, or equivalent of similar AIR-LESS machines

WARNING: Videos are only illustrative and do not replace the application manual!


PSC Application on iron cube

PSC Application on tube


PSC Application on two tubes (already painted tube and bare tube)

PSC Application on container


Application on houses - PSC BUILD SYSTEM (exteriors and interiors)

Example of surface and repairs


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