What is PScoat?

  • unique advanced thermal insulating material
  • based on nanotechnology and closed microspheres
  • complete replacement for polystyrene and mineral wool
  • minimizes heat transfer between surfaces
  • with application layer of 1-3mm
  • it saves space and weight, can be applied anywhere
  • there is no need to have a special application team - application by spraying or brushing
  • check of possible defects is possible by naked eye, the possibility of quick repairs
UV rays | visible light | IR rays
mikrosféra Microsphere

Insulation against external temperatures

WITHOUT PSC APPLICATION: temrperatures outside / inside
WITH PSC APPLICATION: temperatures outside / inside

Insulation against cold

WITHOUT PSC APPLICATION: temperatures outside / inside
WITH PSC APPLICATION: temperatures outside / inside

Areas suitable for PScoat coating

  • Building interiors and exteriors
  • Roofs
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Underground floors/basements
  • Distribution systems/pipelines
  • Metal parts
  • Railings
  • Facades
  • and more

The unique properties of PSC are mainly due to a combination of thermal conductivity + /TRS/ up to >92% of all radiation

TSR (total solar reflection) - reflectivity of all radiation 92%

Comparison of classic insulation with PScoat

FeaturesPScoatCommon insulating materials
Thermal insulating propertiesIt is resistant to temperature variations and stable in time regardless of air humidity. Thermal insulation performance of PCS is stable in a long-term view.The material quickly degrades because of humid air and so reduces the service life of the equipment under the insulation and its thermal insulation performance.
Water resistancePSC 250T is damp-proofing - as documented by respective certificateThis material absorbs moisture from the surroundings and so cannot solve, among others, the problem of corrosion caused by the condensation
Corrosion protection The PSC 250T has anti-corrosion properties - as documented by respective certificate
Cannot solve the corrosion issue
Condensation of waterPSC 250T can solve the condensation issue It cannot solve the condensation issue, possibly only in thick layers
UV stable PSC 250T is UV stable thanks to its TSR properties /Total Solar Reflection - with reflectivity of 92% for all radiation in its entire spectrum/. Solar radiation 97%. Additional protection is required
Demands from the point of view of load and occupied space Thanks to the thin layer of application, mainly between 1-3 mm, the surface is not significantly loaded by the application of PST and due to this thin layer much space around the treated surface is not required. The layer of this insulation takes up much more space and increases its weight, when it gets wet, and so it loads the surface excessively.
Method of application Simple and fast application of PSC by spraying or roller. With brush in the case of smaller surfaces. A complex process that requires the use of several sub-components so as to complete the insulation.
RepairsSimple identification of defects. Thanks to thin PSC layer the repair are very easy. If a repair is required, the place is cleaned with a brush. The PSC is removed and applied locally after repair completion.Hardly identifiable repairs. No traces of damage can be seen on the insulation surface, but there may be a serious problem with condensation, pests and moulds under insulation. The repairs are demanding and require a complex process of removing the entire insulation and subsequent ecological disposal of the material.
Service lifeAs proved by the certificate, expected service life of PCS is 25-30 years
A short service life due to the problem with moisture absorption from the environment or degradation on a very hot surface.
Resistance against insects, rodents and molds Thanks to the thin PSC application layer and perfect adhesion to the treated surface, it prevents mould formation and insect movement under insulation. Insects and rodents can stay under the classical insulation, molds can be easily formed.
Protection of environmentThe PSC is an environmental-friendly product that is hygienically certified and can be used in the food industry as well. Complicated disposal, financially demanding. Possible adverse effects on human health.

Specific properties of PScoat

  • ability to withstand temperatures from -200 to +200°C
  • it can be applied directly to hot surfaces up to +150°C
  • it can be applied both externally and internally
  • anti corossion
  • very good adhesive
  • reflection of all radiation in its entire spectrum (TSR)> 92%
  • complete replacement for polystyrene, mineral wool and other insulating materials
  • nanotechnology based on microspheres
  • possible application of different colour shades
  • colour stability
  • elastic
  • resistant to acids and other chemical compounds (C4, C5 environments)
  • protection against moulds
  • corrosion protection
  • protection against condensation
  • UV resistant
  • simple application on complex surfaces (e.g. valves...)
  • prevention within OSHE


Certifikát TÜV - OVĚŘENÝ VÝROBEK TUV Certificate
- Verified product
PIiP - Vliv produktů PSC a jejich tepelné vlastnosti PIP Certificate - Effect of PScoat products and
their thermal properties
ICiMB – STAVEBNÍ CERTIFIKÁT A CERTIFIKÁT NEHOŘLAVOSTI ICiMB Certificate - Building materials certificate -
Reaction to fire: non-ignitable, no smoke
Hygienický certifikát Hygienic

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